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Ranah Rasta   Exodus  Amp  Perlahan Tenang Medley
Ranah Rasta.
Ranah Rasta   Free Wailing  Live At Jambimaica Music Vibration  2
Ranah Rasta.
Ranah Rasta   Ranah Rasta
Afif Mulya.
Ranah Rasta Perform At Jati
Muhammad Ghufron.
Ranah Rasta   Malam Minggu
Afif Mulya.
Jamming With Ranah Rasta  Djamaicanfrog
Surya Warisman.
Rasta Syndicate   When You Knocked My Door
Satu Rasta Band
Ranah Rasta  Padang Tv
Rudie taser.
Chaky Rasta   Wanita Malam  Lirik
Iyank FR.
Band   Rastafara Paradise   Passionville 2% 5
Passionville 2015.
Ranah Rasta Carocok Smk N   Bukittinggi
Afrizal Manda.

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